An epic night at the Gothic Theatre


Illenium at the Gothic Theatre. [Photo by Soul Explosion Entertainment]

The week of Apr. 25, 2016 was Sigma Chi Fraternity’s annual Derby Days at the University of Denver. It is a week filled with a plethora of activities with all proceeds go to Sigma Chi’s philanthropy, the Hunstman Cancer Foundation. The week ended with the much anticipated “bright and tight” concert.

This year’s “bright and tight” was held at the Gothic Theatre featuring Brian Bobak of Sigma Chi, Said The Sky, and Denver based-producer, Illenium.

Arriving to the venue located on South Broadway in Denver, there were hundreds of people standing in the snow trying to push their way past the bouncers and get into the warmth as quickly as possible.

The Gothic Theatre was founded in the 1920’s and it first started off as a movie theatre. The shape of the theatre with it’s rounded walls and intricate architecture makes the audience feel more connected with one another. I felt a sense of welcome immediately upon entering.

The concert was open to the public, but University of Denver students made up the majority of the audience given that Sigma Chi organized the event. Many students felt a sense of pride that a University of Denver organization was the reason the concert was held including University of Denver freshman, Hannah Bosisio.

“I think it was a good representation of DU in the eyes of the general public who attended,” Bosisio said. “I think it was good for the public to see all of the good that DU’s greek life contributes to society.”

In honor of the event name, “bright and tight”, the audience indeed made sure to wear clothing that was both bright and tight.


Said the Sky at the Gothic Theatre. [Photo by Siobhan Stocks-Lyons]

When you stepped into the venue, it was as if you were stepping back into the 80’s. The crowd of nearly 500 people looked like a neon sea and bright orange glow sticks were being swayed back and forth along with the beat.

The show was completely sold out and the floor space leading up to the stage as well as the balcony was packed with eager concert goers. The venue was darkened aside from the multicolored laser-like lights flashing everywhere.

The show opened with DJ Brian Bobak  of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. A medley of covers were mixed with the addition of the artist’s own personal flare .

Said The Sky followed Bobak playing original mixes of pop, trap, and EDM works, as well as remixes of already produced songs. Mountains (feat Diamond Eyes) and Darling (feat. Missio) were two original tracks that proved to be ultimate crowd pleasers and personal favorites.

Lastly, Denver-based melodic bass producer and headliner, Nick Miller (Illenium) took the stage.


Brian Bobak and friends at the Gothic Theatre. [Photo by Siobhan Stocks-Lyons]

Best known for his original hit songs, “Falling In”, “So Wrong”, and “Make Me Do”, Illenium took the crowd to whole new heights. The way his songs had been produced took the audience on a wild ride. Each song in Illenium’s set took the audience on an adventure. The style and the beats changed dramatically within each song and the audience anxiously anticipated each drop and would scream wildly in approval of Illenium’s content and performance.

Illennium’s set made me feel as if I was on a rollercoaster, there was anticipated excitement and unpredictability of what was going to come next. Illennium’s music certainly sets him aside from other EDM artists that I’ve heard before and I couldn’t have been more impressed with his passionate and engaging performance.

The only downfall was the crowd. The later it got, the more intoxicated everyone became and it was hard to avoid being constantly bumped into, stepped on, and the spilling of drinks onto others had risen to an all time high.

Following the concert, the artists were unavailable for interviews, but I was provided with the opportunity of interviewing fellow concert attendee and University of Denver senior, Kenzie Gainer. As a senior, Gainer was able to give me some insight given her past experience attending “bright and tight”.

“I thought it was a great event. The DU campus looks forward to “bright and tight” every year and Sigma Chi definitely delivered”, Gainer said. “It seemed like Illenium really enjoyed jamming with us in his home town. The openers, Said The Sky and Brian Bobak showed Denver a great time. Light display, crowd, and vibe was the perfect formula to a great night.”


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