DU CSSA Running Man


All the participant in the event. Photo taken by the CSSA staff.

It was a windy day on April. 23, 2016. The DU CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) Running Man was held on the ground in front of the Sturm Hall. Over a hundred DU international students and also American students participate in the event. The best male-striker goes to Xuxiang Wang and the best female-striker goes to Jimin Zhang. 

“This is a really successful event,” said Tianyu Zhang, the only Chinese Car Dealership in Denver, the sponsor of the event. “I am really glad there are a lot of people participated in the event and everyone enjoyed themselves in it. This is the goal we have such an event like this. Certainly, it brought more attention to our business as well…”

Running Man is originally South Korean TV reality show, and as it getting more and more popular a famous TV station in China bought the right to produce a Chinese version of it. In each episode, the participants have different plots and different missions. The final goal would always be grabbing other’s’ name tags on their back in order to win. And to fulfill the life of international students from China, the CSSA held this event.

“I mean, with such a tight-budget, we tried to provide more entertaining and thoughtful event for the Chinese student community,” said Yao Ge the chairman of the DU CSSA.


The best male-striker Yuxiang Wang. Photo by CSSA staff.

“In the past year, we have manage to organized several different events such as “DU Chinese New Year’s Gala”, “3 on 3 basketball game”, “If you are the one DU edition”(a live dating program), “DU Pool Club” and so on. What are we doing is trying get the students to involve in such event that they are interested in; one side we can fulfill their free time and on the other hand it is our job to help the students to make like more like home at DU.

This is Yao’s last quarter as the chairman of CSSA, she is graduating in this quarter. And in order to have the new staff to practice their skills, Yao has Guoda Li and other staffs to prepare the event as she simply supervising over it. “We would like the tradition to continue, and have better events in the future for the students,” said Guoda Li, the potential new Chairman for the DU CSSA.

After several exciting matches, team Green and Team Yellow met in the final game. During the game, team Green was losing in the beginning and after struggling they


Team Green and Yellow in the Final. Photo by CSSA staff.

gathered around and talk about new strategies.They set ambush behind the trees and send on team player as a decoy to draw the yellow team’s attention and once they chasing the decoy, the rest of the Green team “came out of nowhere” strike them and took their name tags. Finally team Green won the game became the Champion and receive the trophy from the sponsor.

“I really enjoyed the event,” said Yuxiang Wang, who has won the best male-striker reward. “This gave us more opportunity to get to know each other better and certainly fulfilled our free time. Instead of staying at home we could come out and meet people talk to each other. This is nice. I am looking forward to the ‘Voice of DU’ next Sunday.”




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