Denver lacrosse continues its success against Providence

With Denver’s big win against Providence, they will now advance to the Big East final. The final score was 17-8 but the game felt closer than that.

Denver’s top players were Zach Miller (three goals, three assists) Jack Bobzien (one goal and five assists) and Connor Cannizzaro (four goals).

Denver started out quite strong in the first quarter but then Providence fought back to cut Denver’s lead to 3-2. The face-offs that Trevor Baptiste took really helped Denver take over the game in the second quarter. He is one of the quickest and most effective face-off man in the country.

The highlight of the game was Zach Miller’s hat trick that gave the Pioneer’s an extra boost of energy. For Zach’s third goal he split dodge his defender and ripped at shot the goalie could barley see. Providence’s goalkeeper, Tate Boyce is also one of the best in the country but didn’t stand a chance against Denver’s top players.

The fans at Peter Barton lacrosse stadium were hyped from beginning to end. Before the game Jack Tinkham said, “I IMG_2534.JPGthink DU has awesome chance of making it all the way again and I’m excited lacrosse is becoming more popular in the West.”

Denver eventually pulled away in the third quarter to make the score 14-5. After seeing what DU lacrosse can do in the last few weeks, it might be safe to say they are favored to win the championship game this year.

At the end of the game, DU outscored Providence a whopping 17-8 to move on to the next round. images


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