The Dutch propose a ban on all gasoline and diesel sales, could this be the worlds most progressive law?


DENVER- The Dutch Parliament passed through legislation on March 30th to ban the sale of all gasoline and diesel cars by 2025, according to This is one of the boldest moves to reduce harmful emissions by any country in the world maybe ever.

Nevertheless this bold move in legislation has not gone without opposition many are calling it unrealistic and outright stupid for the Dutch economy. Halbe Zijlstra, leader of the parliamentary VVD party a right wing dutch party stated, “It seems crazy to me to go ahead with this plan. I believe we should withdraw from the energy agreement.” The agreement he is referring to is “energy agreement” the government made with around 40 organizations to promote green energy and reduce carbon emissions.

While there are no major automobile makers in Holland there is one very historic one named Spkyer. They build crazy high-performance machines that look like the 70’s mated with an alien. The automaker would surely go out of business if this legislation goes through.

I ask some DU students what they thought of such a law being passed here in Colorado.


Alex Rupp

Sophomore, Undeclared

What would you think about a ban on all gas and diesel cars in Colorado?

“There’s no way that could ever work here… I like the concept but it isn’t at all practical.”




Eric HallIMG_2321

Sophomore, Marketing

Could you live with an all electric car in Colorado?

“No chance, as of now the technology is no where near what it needs to be for my weekend trips to the mountains and the greater southwest”






Clay CastanoIMG_2322

Freshman, Undecided

The Dutch are trying to ban all non-electric car sales by 2025 do you think it possible?

“I think its a good idea but practically I don’t think it will work… their economy is sure to take a massive hit as well as upset many large oil producers.”

The Dutch as we speak continue to draw up a contingency plan to make this a real law and the first of its nature at that. It seems the passion to stop climate change has gained greater ground than it ever has before. This law would surely be the one of the most revolutionary environmental law of the 21st century.


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