Despite low engagement career services provide valuable assets


Denver, CO 5/11/16- The career center at the University of Denver is a valuable resource, yet an overwhelming amount of students do not utilize it.  The services offered range from resume/ cover letter editing, mock interviews, to informational workshops and beyond.  The career center struggles to get students involved with these events, but still puts them on for those who are looking to get the most value out of school as they can.

On the afternoon of May the 11th Tyler Till, an employee of the DU career center, held a workshop concerning the job search, and how students can stand out to potential employers.

The room was big enough to hold close to 50 people, but it didn’t need to.  There were seven current DU students in attendance, six undergrad and a post grad.  There was also one recent University of Denver graduate still seeking guidance beginning her career.  The room was set up with tables in a square, to encourage discussion, yet there wasn’t much to be had.

It was a rather underwhelming turnout, especially given the location and time of the workshop.  At 2:00 p.m. the Driscoll student center is abuzz with students, yet the workshop located in a classroom in the student center was still nearly empty.

Despite a small audience, Till gave an engaging presentation, aided by a projector linked to his laptop.  This allowed him to take listeners through, step by step, the career services website.  He highlighted some key features like searching for jobs with filters such as position title, industry, salary level, and more.  This feature of the website gives students a chance to identify top job prospects all in one place.  Going further, most companies listed a point of contact specifically for DU students.  This presents an easy way for job seekers to begin to create a relationship with companies that they plan to apply to.

Till went on to present an exciting new website produced by the career center, connecting DU students with alumni who have made it clear they are looking to help students from their alma mater.  DU Alumni Fire brings the DU community together by linking students with alumni in relevant fields.  Till made a specific point that this is a networking site and by no means assures students of post-graduation jobs.  What it does do is sets job seekers in the right direction and gives them a contact that wants to help them.

Services like these set the DU career center apart from others around the country, yet engagement is still low.  Current DU junior, Will Moss, has been to the career center a number of times and believes contact between the center and the student body is not strong enough.

“I just don’t think people know what’s available to them,” Moss said “after the first time I went freshman year, I understood how they could help me, but before that I had no clue.”

If the career center can work on its messaging tactics they will be able to get more students to their events.  Workshops, like the one presented by Till, can be much more valuable with a larger, more engaged base.

Despite a small number of participants, Till managed to get his main points across in an effective manner, and even students with jobs lined up for the future gained a bit of knowledge that can be applied in the future.


Jack Roberts

MFJS 2140 Reporter



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