Famous authors,Richard Kadrey & Stephen Graham Jones, share their writing experiences with DU english students and faculty


DENVER- DU students and faculty were given an amazing opportunity this Wednesday to meet two famous authors at Denver’s famous Tattered Cover Bookstore. Richard Kadrey and Stephen Graham Jones talked extensively about their career as writers and what inspires the ideas behind their best selling novels.

Jones was a vibrate character and told stories of his past with little to no filter, displaying his open and boisterous nature. When talking about what made him become a successful author he said, “The need to frame my brothers when we were younger… Being a fiction writer came from the crazy stories I’d need to make up to successfully frame my brothers for the bad things I’d done.”

Kadrey on the other hand was much more reserved and maintained a tranquil demeanor, but still never failed to laugh. Kadrey came to fame as a writer for his series of paranormal fantasy novels Sandman Slim. These novels landed Kadrey on the famous “New York Times Best Sellers List”  an achievement he said, “I could have never dreamed of”

Jones is a lesser known author but is rising to fame faster and faster with every novel he produces. Jones recently released his latest work, a book called “Mongrels”, a story about Werewolves with a unique take on the fabled mythological creature. “I’ve wanted to write this book since I was 12 I just didn’t know it till recently,” said Jones, “The concept is old but I hope my fresh take will keep readers from overlooking it.”

The audience was given a really good insight into the mind of Jones as he explained his truly complex and detailed thought process. “I wanted to make the Werewolf more real… if you weigh 160 pounds when you transform you will weigh 160 pounds… I just don’t understand where the extra matter would come from.” He also went on to talk about how the characters would need an extreme increase in calorie intake when they transformed he exclaimed, “There’s no way shifting your body from man to wolf isn’t a strenuous process requiring a lot of energy!”

This extremely detailed though process behind something that isn’t even real was truly fascinated the audience and gave a really unique perspective into how some of this fiction writers create such amazing detailed worlds in their books.

Kadrey talked about how his roots in Texas shaped his writing and his “bad boy” lifestyle he lived in his young adult years. “Back in the day there wasn’t any surveillance cameras or idiots posting their illicit behaviors on social media… it was so easy not to get caught,” Kadrey continued to call out the younger audience, “If you do dumb shit don’t take photos! And don’t take naked pictures of yourself, especially girls, because that shit will end up in the wrong hands I promise.”

The audience was entertained to say the least and so was the staff of the Tattered Cover. It was clear from their continually varying facial expression that this wasn’t your run of the mill author lecture but it will clearly seems to be one of the more memorable ones.


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