Janelle Hyatt’s experiences working as a sales manager at Mount Snow ski resort


Janelle Hyatt is the sales manager for Mount Snow’s food and beverage, corporate events and weddings

Janelle Hyatt, 24, is a New England native that enjoys working at one of her favorite ski resorts, Mount Snow. She originally got into the industry by first helping her mom plan weddings and events. Since she was already so interested and experienced in this field of work, she received her bachelors in hospitality/associates in travel and tourism.
While working at Mount Snow, Janelle oversees and coordinates events for groups or corporations on the hotel grounds and even around New England.
According to Janelle, “Handling these types of events can be very stressful and requires a lot of flexibility.”

In order to organize and run an event it is important to have effective communication and organization skills. Janelle said she meets with a lot of clients and its important to get a sense of the clients personality quickly.
Most of the time Janelle is working 45-55 hours per week, which is average for this type of career. On an average day she goes on site visits with clients, resort property show casings and making sure the details for events and sales are shown.
One of Janelle’s most memorable moments on the job was when she had a couple as a client that had a lot of money to spend on a wedding but were not sure how to handle it. This allowed Janelle to have a lot of freedom planning and designing the event.
“It allowed my creativity to fly and made me feel really important because I was given so much responsibility” said Janelle.
These types of jobs allow for a lot of communication between co-workers and even other business or corporations. Janelle enjoys meeting new people on business trips or visits from clients, but apparently the last ski season was below average so doing this makes it challenging.
Janelle’s favorite part of the job is that it is different everyday. There are so many clients out there with so many different ideas and themes. For example, one day there could be a classy wedding, the next there could be rock and roll concert.
The seasons in New England are wonderful according to Janelle. They allow for a variety of events that keeps the job interesting. One time in the winter Janelle had a client that wanted to have their wedding on top of the mountain with all their ski gear on. Then in the summer, when the mountain biking trails open, Janelle helps plan the massive brewery festival.
After seeing all the exciting events Janelle gets to be apart of, its understandable that her least favorite part of the job is paperwork.
“No one likes to be in the office when it’s snowing 10 inches or 80 degrees and sunny” said Janelle.
I asked Janelle for some tips for people out there looking into this type of career path. The most important tip according to her is avoid procrastination. She said its easy to get caught up in the mountain life, but you just have to plan ahead. Janelle also believes that taking a lot of notes and making lists is important in order to remain organized with all of her different clients.
Janelle is excited for the future of her career at ski resorts and plans on making the move to Colorado for a heftier paycheck and better snow.



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