Things change

Portable Network Graphics image-EE9F5582F29C-1  photo taken by Sasha Kandrach at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium

Passion radiates from his body as he noticeably conceals his excited emotions as he clenches his fist underneath the table following a Denver hockey goal, exerting proper press-box behavior; unbiased. This is Nick Tremaroli, a current student at the University of Denver finishing up both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting with DU’s dual program. Why is an accounting major in the press-box surrounded by journalists one might ask? Because Nick’s hobby is covering sports, one that has immensely taken over his life these past few months, and is even considering to pursue as a career.

“I started writing for BSN Rockies about a year ago and after their season was over I was bored, but I knew I wanted to keep up with my writing in some way,” Tremaroli said. “I heard that Let’s Go DU was launching again so I reached out and now I’m running it.”

Let’s Go DU is a student and alumni run blog covering DU athletics, the blog was prominently popular on campus during roughly 2008-2011, but lack of management to take over eliminated its presence. Alumni Tim Thompson looked to restart the blog and expand its content to all DU athletics, whereas the initial blog focused primarily on DU hockey.

“We want to expand the brand and give people something to be excited about again.” Tremaroli said. “Boone [DU’s mascot] has been an issue for students to really claim, school spirit is definitely pretty absent on campus and we want to change that.”

Nick took it upon himself to revamp the visuals of the blog including its platform, logo, and screen setup as a way of birthing a new generation of Let’s Go DU. Even setting up an official twitter account that has quadrupled in followers since its launch, the brand is certainly growing.

“The goal is to produce content students, faculty, alumni, community members, or really anyone interested in DU care about. While we’re obviously biased towards DU, it’s a way to recognize what a special school this is and highlight our tremendous student athletes as they compete.” Tremaroli said.

Getting some additional practice in writing quickly transitioned to a major time commitment for Tremaroli as he’s had to balance; finishing up school, working a part-time job, writing for BSN Rockies again, and of course running Let’s Go DU.

“It’s a lot to handle all at once, but its so worth it,” Tremaroli said. “I love it [covering sports] and could see myself doing this as a career.”


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