Presidential hopefuls bombard millennials online


The remaining candidates use social media as a large aspect of their campaigns. [Photo by Chaye Gutierrez]

Thumbing through her Twitter feed, University of Denver student Jackie English scoffs at presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s latest social media tirade–an attack on one of his opponents calling former Secretary Clinton “Crooked Hillary.” For English, this is an almost hourly occurrence as a young voter gearing up to make her decision in the 2016 election by following what she calls the “chaos” online until November. As the candidates take over social media, young people online are left wondering: Why has the 2016 race taken on such a “yuge” social media focus? Continue reading


Strategic Communications Coordinator lands unexpected job


Strategic Communications Coordinator Marisa Pooley [Photo provided by The Boettcher Foundation]

Marisa Pooley, 2014 University of Denver graduate and expert of all things communication, ended up working at the last place she ever thought she would—and the last place she ever thought she wanted to work.

“I had interned at The Boettcher Foundation twice during college, and it was a great experience, but I definitely didn’t think I wanted to work there,” Pooley said. Continue reading

U.S. “best place to live” creates hard life for homeless


DHOL members protest Denver’s street sweeps. [Photo by Denver Homeless Out Loud]

Beyond the expanding brick paradise that is the University of Denver’s campus, past the city blocks packed with glass sparkling skyscrapers and Starbucks stores decorating each corner, and just on the edge of the infamous Five Points neighborhood of Denver is one of the last remaining buildings that has yet to be pushed out by the construction to rebuild the up-and-coming area, where real estate has skyrocketed as gentrification pushes thousands of Denver residents out onto the streets.

Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL), an organization that works “with and for people who experience homelessness,” holds its weekly meetings at Centro Humanitario on the corner of Park Avenue and California Street, where they discuss the rights of the homeless, innovations in affordable housing, policy issues and campaigning strategies to advocate for Denver’s homeless population. At Wednesday, May 11’s meeting, issues of displacement, newly enforced “street sweeps” and frustration with the University of Denver’s Gentrification and Affordable Housing Summit were at the forefront. Denver’s newly enforced policy on street sweeps have been especially damaging to many of the city’s homeless citizens. Continue reading

Zeta Beta Tossers break losing streak, but future looks bleak


Players pause between points at Tuesday night’s game. [Photo by Chaye Gutierrez]

The ominous mood cast over the nighttime Diane Wendt Sports Field by the rolling clouds and stadium lights was only slightly contradicted by belly-shaking laughter from jokes on the sideline and funky “uniforms” of the University of Denver’s Intramural Ultimate Frisbee teams when the Zeta Beta Tossers finally celebrated their first victory of the season against the Ultimate DISCiples 10-6 on Tuesday night. Continue reading

Rocky Mountain high population: Colorado’s population increase impacts natives


Colorado’s Rocky Mountains attract thousands of visitors each year. Now some of those visitors are staying for good. [Photo by Chaye Gutierrez]

It’s almost impossible to drive from Denver to Boulder, from the Front Range to the mountains or even to the grocery store without seeing the infamous “Native” mountain sticker slapped across the bumper of some Subaru when cruising around Colorado. If you don’t see that one, you’ll definitely see the “Not a native, but I got here as fast as I could!” edition somewhere along your drive.

Continue reading