When the pictures don’t reflect reality: Study shows that most universities use potentially misleading images of diversity


Postcard for D.U.’s Pioneer Leadership Program that depicts a  potentially misleading image of the university’s diversity. [Photo by Donovan Rice]

Every now and then a story surfaces about a university photoshopping a student of color into one of their brochure photographs. For example, the University of Wisconsin received heavy criticism after editing a black student into a cover photo of their admission booklet in 2000. But these cases are relatively uncommon and ignore what some people would like to call a much bigger issue.

Rather than editing students of color into their brochure photographs, many schools intentionally select particular photos that overrepresent these students compared to their actual populations on campus. Continue reading


Dale Drake keeps rafting company afloat

Underneath the surface of all the white-water fun at Clear Creek Rafting Co., tucked away behind an employees-only area, guarded by a facetious “Swimsuits optional beyond this point” sign, and buried beneath cardboard crates overflowing with paperwork destined for government agencies, one can find the always bustling office of Dale Drake.

As the general manager for the rafting company’s site in Idaho Springs, Colorado, Drake oversees all daily and longer-term functions and operations, making sure everything runs as swimmingly as possible. Continue reading

Speaker shows how chastity is more intimate than sex


No need for these in chastity. (Photo by Donovan Rice)

Students squeezed their way into the crowded Lindsey Auditorium at Sturm Hall last night to hear guest speaker, Jason Evert, discuss what he considers a marriage-saving life practice: chastity.

In an enthusiastic and animated speech titled “How to save your marriage before meeting your spouse,” Evert proposed that chastity frees the soul, enabling you to find true, authentic and, most importantly, life-long love.

Continue reading

Student organist symphonically rocks his senior recital


The majestic William K. Coors pipe organ. (photo taken by Donovan Rice)

A student organist masterfully rocked the Hamilton Family Recital Hall at the University of Denver last night, performing his senior recital for his degree.

Josiah Hamill, a senior pursuing a bachelor’s in music performance for both the violin and organ, performed six classical and challenging compositions, testing his limits as an organist. Continue reading

Supreme Court to determine if states can imprison drivers for refusing Breathalyzer


A dangerous combo that can land you in prison for more than one reason. (Photo by Donovan Rice)

The U.S. Supreme Court is currently deciding on a case considering the constitutionality of a state imprisoning or fining an arrested drunken driver for refusing to take a Breathalyzer test without a warrant.

In the oral argument for Birchfield v. North Dakota and two other cases last Wednesday, the Court heard if a state can criminally punish someone for what the petitioners would like to call the assertion of one’s constitutional right, referring the Fourth Amendment’s warrant clause. The respondents, however, look at it as punishing drivers for not following an implied contract made with the state.

“One way of looking at what the State is doing is not to criminalize the assertion of a constitutional right, but to criminalize reneging on a bargain,” said Justice Samuel Alito to the petitioners during the case. “The bargain was, we give you a license to drive, and in exchange for that, you consent to a blood-alcohol test under certain circumstances.” Continue reading