How Americans are viewing satirical news versus traditional news


A University of Denver student viewing John Oliver’s show for the first time

For decades, news has been created and reported in a very similar fashion all around the world. It has been very effective and informational, but in more recent years people have begun to take satirical news a little more seriously. Although it is still considered “fake news,” there are millions of viewers who take it very seriously.

Satirical news has been on television since about the 1960’s and was mostly aired in Britain. NBC picked up the trend when the started creating shows like Saturday Night Live and Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Comedy Central has been the most successful when it comes to creating “fake news.” Stephen Colbert’s The Colbert Report, had a very successful 9 year run. The Daily Show with John Stewart also one of the most prominent “fake news” shows in the United States. According to the 2004 National Annenberg Election Survey those who viewed the Daily Show regularly were better informed than those who relied on only traditional news outlets.

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Janelle Hyatt’s experiences working as a sales manager at Mount Snow ski resort


Janelle Hyatt is the sales manager for Mount Snow’s food and beverage, corporate events and weddings

Janelle Hyatt, 24, is a New England native that enjoys working at one of her favorite ski resorts, Mount Snow. She originally got into the industry by first helping her mom plan weddings and events. Since she was already so interested and experienced in this field of work, she received her bachelors in hospitality/associates in travel and tourism.
While working at Mount Snow, Janelle oversees and coordinates events for groups or corporations on the hotel grounds and even around New England.
According to Janelle, “Handling these types of events can be very stressful and requires a lot of flexibility.”

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Denver lacrosse continues its success against Providence

With Denver’s big win against Providence, they will now advance to the Big East final. The final score was 17-8 but the game felt closer than that.

Denver’s top players were Zach Miller (three goals, three assists) Jack Bobzien (one goal and five assists) and Connor Cannizzaro (four goals).

Denver started out quite strong in the first quarter but then Providence fought back to cut Denver’s lead to 3-2. The face-offs that Trevor Baptiste took really helped Denver take over the game in the second quarter. He is one of the quickest and most effective face-off man in the country.

The highlight of the game was Zach Miller’s hat trick that gave the Pioneer’s an extra boost of energy. For Zach’s third goal he split dodge his defender and ripped at shot the goalie could barley see. Providence’s goalkeeper, Tate Boyce is also one of the best in the country but didn’t stand a chance against Denver’s top players.

The fans at Peter Barton lacrosse stadium were hyped from beginning to end. Before the game Jack Tinkham said, “I IMG_2534.JPGthink DU has awesome chance of making it all the way again and I’m excited lacrosse is becoming more popular in the West.”

Denver eventually pulled away in the third quarter to make the score 14-5. After seeing what DU lacrosse can do in the last few weeks, it might be safe to say they are favored to win the championship game this year.

At the end of the game, DU outscored Providence a whopping 17-8 to move on to the next round. images

Drones in Colorado raise concerns about safety and privacy


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Drones have been a hot topic in Colorado over the past few years and many people are not sure what to think. There are benefits and drawbacks to drones for almost every practical use. Drones might be in a time of transition where they cant be taken too seriously or it may lead to further problems the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

In todays world it is very easy to buy a drone and fly it freely around the US but that soon may change. Every year there are new problems arising with publicly and privately owned drones. In the ski town of Vail, Colorado we see a trend emerging among skiers and snowboarders and it involves the use of drones. Continue reading