The “Grey Area” among Journalists’ Investigations


A local Food Lion grocery store. Photo taken by Dan Berthiaume.

25 years ago, journalists from ABC News were sent to go undercover with hidden cameras in Food Lion. Their mission was to reveal the fact that the grocery stores are selling rat-gnawed cheese, and spoiled meat and chicken being washed with bleach, repackaged and given a new sell-by date.

After the report was aired on Primetime Live in November 1992, the Food Lion asserted that their reputation was ruined by this report and has lost almost 2 billion dollars not only in sales but also their stock value. The company sued the ABC News for fraud and trespassing, which the ABC didn’t deny using deceptive methods to gather news but they refused to admit committing fraud and trespassing. The ABC finally lost they law suit and was fined several million dollars, however, they end up with paying nothing to Food Lion.

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The “Disappearing”publishing business in China, an Interview of a publisher Liu Dongli


Publisher Liu Dongli at a business meeting. Photo provided by Dongli Liu

Nowadays, with the developing of technology, publications in print (paper copies) are gradually disappearing in the Chinese market. Instead, all the publications such as books, magazines have gone digital; people today has a different way of getting information that is through the internet. Dongli Liu, a editor, writer, publisher, documentary producer has something to say about the vanishing business of paper publications.

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Don’t know where to start in job-hunting? DU career services tell you how


Till is answering a student’s question. Photo took by Yibai Liu.

There are over 2 million undergraduate students are graduating from colleges every year. And among those 2-million, only 12 to 14 percent of them would actually get a real job. Most of them, almost 85 percent, would remain unemployed after graduation. May. 11, 2016. Tyler Till from the career center gave his professional advices on job-hunting processes and skills for the students at Driscoll Center, University of Denver. Continue reading

DU CSSA Running Man


All the participant in the event. Photo taken by the CSSA staff.

It was a windy day on April. 23, 2016. The DU CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) Running Man was held on the ground in front of the Sturm Hall. Over a hundred DU international students and also American students participate in the event. The best male-striker goes to Xuxiang Wang and the best female-striker goes to Jimin Zhang.  Continue reading

Chinese Students Bring the Foreign “Fever” to US Colleges


DU CSSA (Chinese Students and Scholars Association) Free Mother’s Day Gratitude Card Even in front of Strum Hall. Image took by a staff of CSSA.

According to the Project Atlas, there are almost 975,000 international students in the United States Colleges in the last academic year of 2014-15. And among the 975,000, over 31 percent of them are from the same country, China. Or we can think about it from a more direct way, if you talk to three international students in the US, then one of them will have a Chinese Passport.  Continue reading