Harriet Tubman has the nation inverted over the twenty-dollar bill’s new facelift


[Photo taken by Zoe Roswold]

Shocking news that Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the 20-dollar bill has recently been circulating the nation. This news seemed to come out of nowhere.

“When I found an article on Facebook about it, I had to continue reading because I didn’t believe it was a real article,” said Meghan Angley, a Junior and MFJS major here at DU. Continue reading


Who let the politician speak up for science?



Olin room 103, pre-speech. [Photo taken by Zoe Roswold]

Walking into Olin 103 on the south side of University of Denver’s campus on May 10, 2016 there were a couple things I did not expect, one of them happened to be pizza. When the funny man from the Hill, Ryan Davison, stopped by to talk with us about “How Politics Impact Chemistry and Fundamental Research,” I was shocked to learn I was getting more of an opinionated history lesson than any real unbiased expandable material. Continue reading

Exclusive on Mirai Nagasu, American figure skating legend


Mirai Nagasu posing in her starting position before her short program at Four Continents this past season. [Photo taken by Robin Ritoss]

Mirai Nagasu, the American figure skater from San Diego, CA, started her career a tad bit earlier than the traditional pin-pusher. May 17, 2016 marked my interview with the talent, which took place at South Suburban Ice Rink in Centennial, CO.

It was a special trip for Nagasu who lives in the Springs where she trains with one of the best coaches in the business Tom Zakrajsek at the World Arena. Continue reading