Who let the politician speak up for science?



Olin room 103, pre-speech. [Photo taken by Zoe Roswold]

Walking into Olin 103 on the south side of University of Denver’s campus on May 10, 2016 there were a couple things I did not expect, one of them happened to be pizza. When the funny man from the Hill, Ryan Davison, stopped by to talk with us about “How Politics Impact Chemistry and Fundamental Research,” I was shocked to learn I was getting more of an opinionated history lesson than any real unbiased expandable material. Continue reading


DU’s inclusive excellence initiative takes a different approach


“Fish out of water” – the action of placing oneself in an uncomfortable position which one is unaccustomed to. As part of the University of Denver’s effort to promote inclusive excellence across campus, an event titled, “Fish Out of Water” put on by StoryCorps and the Leadership Academy was held in Renan Theater on May 10 at 4:30 p.m. Continue reading

Jason Evert preaches the gospel of chastity

Nearly 135 eager students of the University of Denver crowded Lindsey Auditorium late Wednesday night as they waited to hear speaker Jason Evert reveal “life changing” words. The title of last night’s speech was How to Save Your Marriage Before You Meet Your Spouse. Accompanying Evert on stage were stacks of books titled Pure Womanhood and Porn Detox. A rewound and devout Catholic, Evert spreads the gospel of chastity to today’s youth, specifically targeting high school and college students. Continue reading

Speaker shows how chastity is more intimate than sex


No need for these in chastity. (Photo by Donovan Rice)

Students squeezed their way into the crowded Lindsey Auditorium at Sturm Hall last night to hear guest speaker, Jason Evert, discuss what he considers a marriage-saving life practice: chastity.

In an enthusiastic and animated speech titled “How to save your marriage before meeting your spouse,” Evert proposed that chastity frees the soul, enabling you to find true, authentic and, most importantly, life-long love.

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Famous authors,Richard Kadrey & Stephen Graham Jones, share their writing experiences with DU english students and faculty


DENVER- DU students and faculty were given an amazing opportunity this Wednesday to meet two famous authors at Denver’s famous Tattered Cover Bookstore. Richard Kadrey and Stephen Graham Jones talked extensively about their career as writers and what inspires the ideas behind their best selling novels.

Jones was a vibrate character and told stories of his past with little to no filter, displaying his open and boisterous nature. When talking about what made him become a successful author he said, “The need to frame my brothers when we were younger… Being a fiction writer came from the crazy stories I’d need to make up to successfully frame my brothers for the bad things I’d done.”

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Don’t know where to start in job-hunting? DU career services tell you how


Till is answering a student’s question. Photo took by Yibai Liu.

There are over 2 million undergraduate students are graduating from colleges every year. And among those 2-million, only 12 to 14 percent of them would actually get a real job. Most of them, almost 85 percent, would remain unemployed after graduation. May. 11, 2016. Tyler Till from the career center gave his professional advices on job-hunting processes and skills for the students at Driscoll Center, University of Denver. Continue reading

U.S. “best place to live” creates hard life for homeless


DHOL members protest Denver’s street sweeps. [Photo by Denver Homeless Out Loud]

Beyond the expanding brick paradise that is the University of Denver’s campus, past the city blocks packed with glass sparkling skyscrapers and Starbucks stores decorating each corner, and just on the edge of the infamous Five Points neighborhood of Denver is one of the last remaining buildings that has yet to be pushed out by the construction to rebuild the up-and-coming area, where real estate has skyrocketed as gentrification pushes thousands of Denver residents out onto the streets.

Denver Homeless Out Loud (DHOL), an organization that works “with and for people who experience homelessness,” holds its weekly meetings at Centro Humanitario on the corner of Park Avenue and California Street, where they discuss the rights of the homeless, innovations in affordable housing, policy issues and campaigning strategies to advocate for Denver’s homeless population. At Wednesday, May 11’s meeting, issues of displacement, newly enforced “street sweeps” and frustration with the University of Denver’s Gentrification and Affordable Housing Summit were at the forefront. Denver’s newly enforced policy on street sweeps have been especially damaging to many of the city’s homeless citizens. Continue reading

Distinguished Italian scholar tackles the history of Italy

Papotti lecture

Davide Papotti speaking to Denver audience. Photo courtesy of Jake Pemberton.

May 10, 2016Davide Papotti, an esteemed Italian professor, negotiated Italy’s historical heritage and current political issues to a diverse audience on Tuesday night at the University of Denver.

The event was organized by the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Department of the University of Denver.

Dr. Papotti is a professor of geography at the University of Parma, located in a region of northern Italy called Emilia-Romagna, and traveled to America to share his knowledge with the DU population for the whole week. The professor is also a scholar of several other fields, including immigration and multiculturalism in Italy, and is the author of 70 scientific titles. Continue reading

D.Y. Begay discusses Navajo heritage, weaving a history



D.Y. Begay answering questions after her speech. Photo taken by Marisa Haag.

On May 11, 2016, at 6:00 P.M., the Denver Art Museum hosted renowned Navajo weaver D.Y. Begay to speak on her artistic passion and history. Begay is known for her individual, colorful, and abstract woven landscapes. Born in Tselani, a rural area located within the Navajo Nation, Begay has been surrounded by weaving her entire life.

“I knew I had a great love for texture, colors and weaving at a very young age,” Begay said when she discussed her childhood. Continue reading

Italy still searching for identity


Italian Geographer Davide Papotti

On Tuesday May 10, 2016, world-renowned geographer and professor, Davide Papotti, delivered an insightful speech regarding Italian identity. The crowd of Italian students, professors from the language department, and the University of Denver administration listened actively, as Papotti discussed how Italian geography complicates both identity and politics in the country.

Drawing the crowd in right off the bat, Papotti began with a joke about Germany and the Soviet Union, which put a comfort level across the audiences of all different ages. His low-pitch, heavy Italian accent, which he constantly poked fun of throughout the speech, made people listen closely and enthusiastically. Continue reading