Alcohol use at DU: Creating a dialogue


Photo by Jack Roberts on 5/26/16

Denver, CO, May 25, 2016- Detox.  Detox is a word no DU student wants to hear.  Of the hundreds of times I’ve heard that word muttered, shouted, or groaned in my three years at the University of Denver it has never been in a positive tone, at least from a student.  However, many students fail to take a step back, look at the big picture, and understand that the sole point of detox is the student’s well-being.

There is a rift between the student body and the administration that will require work and compromise from both sides to mend.  The point of contact between with two sides on a night to night basis is Campus Safety (or Campo), and they tend to be thought of as the bad guys. Continue reading


Chancellor Chopp: Unburied


Former SAE Fraternity House. Photo by Amanda Roesser.

In 2014, Rebecca Chopp made history at the University of Denver by becoming the University’s first female chancellor. However, now it seems as though she may be making a different kind of history at the University, creating what some – in particular sexual assault survivors and members of the Greek system- charge as an increasingly controversial and even questionable legacy.

Chopp has accomplished a great deal since receiving her B.A. from Kansas Wesleyan University, Master of Divinity from the St. Paul School of Theology, and her Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. She has been the president of Colgate University and Swarthmore and is currently the Chancellor of the University of Denver.

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The long and difficult quest to combat sexual assault on college campuses


Taken on the way to the library at DU after my interview with Dr. Gillian Kaag, director of CAPE at DU. [Photo taken by Siobhan Stocks-Lyons]

Sexual assault is amongst one of the most prevalent issues that college campuses face, yet the numbers of assaults per year are still continuing to increase despite many colleges’ efforts to reduce them. In a study done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics for the 2014-15 year, an average of 21% of female and 7% of male college students experienced sexual assault upon entering their institution. While the number of sexually unrelated crimes are decreasing within colleges, sexual assaults continue to rise.

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Things change

Portable Network Graphics image-EE9F5582F29C-1  photo taken by Sasha Kandrach at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium

Passion radiates from his body as he noticeably conceals his excited emotions as he clenches his fist underneath the table following a Denver hockey goal, exerting proper press-box behavior; unbiased. This is Nick Tremaroli, a current student at the University of Denver finishing up both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting with DU’s dual program. Why is an accounting major in the press-box surrounded by journalists one might ask? Because Nick’s hobby is covering sports, one that has immensely taken over his life these past few months, and is even considering to pursue as a career. Continue reading

Harriet Tubman has the nation inverted over the twenty-dollar bill’s new facelift


[Photo taken by Zoe Roswold]

Shocking news that Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the 20-dollar bill has recently been circulating the nation. This news seemed to come out of nowhere.

“When I found an article on Facebook about it, I had to continue reading because I didn’t believe it was a real article,” said Meghan Angley, a Junior and MFJS major here at DU. Continue reading

Who let the politician speak up for science?



Olin room 103, pre-speech. [Photo taken by Zoe Roswold]

Walking into Olin 103 on the south side of University of Denver’s campus on May 10, 2016 there were a couple things I did not expect, one of them happened to be pizza. When the funny man from the Hill, Ryan Davison, stopped by to talk with us about “How Politics Impact Chemistry and Fundamental Research,” I was shocked to learn I was getting more of an opinionated history lesson than any real unbiased expandable material. Continue reading

Janelle Hyatt’s experiences working as a sales manager at Mount Snow ski resort


Janelle Hyatt is the sales manager for Mount Snow’s food and beverage, corporate events and weddings

Janelle Hyatt, 24, is a New England native that enjoys working at one of her favorite ski resorts, Mount Snow. She originally got into the industry by first helping her mom plan weddings and events. Since she was already so interested and experienced in this field of work, she received her bachelors in hospitality/associates in travel and tourism.
While working at Mount Snow, Janelle oversees and coordinates events for groups or corporations on the hotel grounds and even around New England.
According to Janelle, “Handling these types of events can be very stressful and requires a lot of flexibility.”

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From biology to scuba diving, Jim Fogleman is all about the ocean


Jim Fogleman coming back from a dive.

Jim Fogleman, a professor of molecular genetics at the University of Denver and scuba instructor at A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center, has long been involved in biology and the sciences. His passion for scuba diving and teaching goes hand-in-hand with his knowledge of the ocean and coral reef ecology.

Fogleman’s collegiate education started in 1968, receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of New Mexico, then a master’s degree in Zoology from Colorado State University, and finally a doctorate in genetics from Cornell University. He took this knowledge and became an Assistant Professor at the University of Denver in 1983, working his way up to an Associate Professor, Professor and then Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, before relinquishing that position in 2007.

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Exclusive on Mirai Nagasu, American figure skating legend


Mirai Nagasu posing in her starting position before her short program at Four Continents this past season. [Photo taken by Robin Ritoss]

Mirai Nagasu, the American figure skater from San Diego, CA, started her career a tad bit earlier than the traditional pin-pusher. May 17, 2016 marked my interview with the talent, which took place at South Suburban Ice Rink in Centennial, CO.

It was a special trip for Nagasu who lives in the Springs where she trains with one of the best coaches in the business Tom Zakrajsek at the World Arena. Continue reading

Dale Drake keeps rafting company afloat

Underneath the surface of all the white-water fun at Clear Creek Rafting Co., tucked away behind an employees-only area, guarded by a facetious “Swimsuits optional beyond this point” sign, and buried beneath cardboard crates overflowing with paperwork destined for government agencies, one can find the always bustling office of Dale Drake.

As the general manager for the rafting company’s site in Idaho Springs, Colorado, Drake oversees all daily and longer-term functions and operations, making sure everything runs as swimmingly as possible. Continue reading