Check and protect your melon


photo taken by Sasha Kandrach at Magness Arena

Engaging in an activity that is proven to be detrimental to your health is downright idiotic, in all honesty. One wouldn’t continue to eat fast food everyday knowing the multiple health risks that pose as a potential outcome. One wouldn’t continue smoking knowing 90% of lung cancers are related to cigarette smoking, obviously there are exceptions- plenty of people who choose to ignore the obvious, but why?

While habitually consuming fast food and smoking are two of the more widely known health issues, the same logic applies to concussions; why continue to allow youth and professional athletes to risk mental and cognitive health in order to benefit from their talent at a sport?

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Things change

Portable Network Graphics image-EE9F5582F29C-1  photo taken by Sasha Kandrach at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium

Passion radiates from his body as he noticeably conceals his excited emotions as he clenches his fist underneath the table following a Denver hockey goal, exerting proper press-box behavior; unbiased. This is Nick Tremaroli, a current student at the University of Denver finishing up both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting with DU’s dual program. Why is an accounting major in the press-box surrounded by journalists one might ask? Because Nick’s hobby is covering sports, one that has immensely taken over his life these past few months, and is even considering to pursue as a career. Continue reading

Denver men’s lacrosse conquers third consecutive conference title


Playing in windy conditions and frigid precipitation, the Pioneers powered a 14-11 victory over the visiting Marquette University Golden Eagles to claim the BIG EAST regular season title on April 30. Denver and Marquette clashed in the final regular season game to determine the No. 1 seed for the BIG EAST tournament. The triumphant Pioneers earned its third consecutive conference title after remaining undefeated in BIG EAST play for the 2016 season. Continue reading

Colorado heats up

IMG_7792An iconic Colorado sunset contrasted with polluting vehicles in Colorado Springs. Photo taken by Sasha Kandrach.

Colorado is notorious for crazy, unpredictable weather impairing the ability to accurately assess what weather patterns are, “normal.” Nonetheless, Colorado, is not removed from the drastic effects of global warming. In recent years Colorado has seen an increase in temperature averages coinciding with a decrease in annual precipitation according to Global Warming Denver. Continue reading