Creating content at an astonishing rate, what it’s like to create content for multiple major media outlets

Sarah Ford, a fairly recent graduate of the University of Denver’s Media Film and Journalism Studies School. Ford, 23, Is the OnTopic Content Manager for in Denver Colorado. In this day and age many media outlets thrive off the “quick and dirty” stories that’s impact on the consumer is minimal but somehow captivating. This is true for both TV and online, articles seemed to be pumped out to fill a slot of interest like pumping gas for your car.

This trend in American media creates a large need for these “quick and dirty” pieces so many companies have come about to fill that need. Companies like, who Ford is employed by, is there to fill that space on the local nightly news or late morning talk shows. Ford admits, “these bit and articles aren’t anything to write home about… they fill a space in a broadcast.”

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Things change

Portable Network Graphics image-EE9F5582F29C-1  photo taken by Sasha Kandrach at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium

Passion radiates from his body as he noticeably conceals his excited emotions as he clenches his fist underneath the table following a Denver hockey goal, exerting proper press-box behavior; unbiased. This is Nick Tremaroli, a current student at the University of Denver finishing up both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Accounting with DU’s dual program. Why is an accounting major in the press-box surrounded by journalists one might ask? Because Nick’s hobby is covering sports, one that has immensely taken over his life these past few months, and is even considering to pursue as a career. Continue reading

From biology to scuba diving, Jim Fogleman is all about the ocean


Jim Fogleman coming back from a dive.

Jim Fogleman, a professor of molecular genetics at the University of Denver and scuba instructor at A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center, has long been involved in biology and the sciences. His passion for scuba diving and teaching goes hand-in-hand with his knowledge of the ocean and coral reef ecology.

Fogleman’s collegiate education started in 1968, receiving a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of New Mexico, then a master’s degree in Zoology from Colorado State University, and finally a doctorate in genetics from Cornell University. He took this knowledge and became an Assistant Professor at the University of Denver in 1983, working his way up to an Associate Professor, Professor and then Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, before relinquishing that position in 2007.

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Exclusive on Mirai Nagasu, American figure skating legend


Mirai Nagasu posing in her starting position before her short program at Four Continents this past season. [Photo taken by Robin Ritoss]

Mirai Nagasu, the American figure skater from San Diego, CA, started her career a tad bit earlier than the traditional pin-pusher. May 17, 2016 marked my interview with the talent, which took place at South Suburban Ice Rink in Centennial, CO.

It was a special trip for Nagasu who lives in the Springs where she trains with one of the best coaches in the business Tom Zakrajsek at the World Arena. Continue reading

Dale Drake keeps rafting company afloat

Underneath the surface of all the white-water fun at Clear Creek Rafting Co., tucked away behind an employees-only area, guarded by a facetious “Swimsuits optional beyond this point” sign, and buried beneath cardboard crates overflowing with paperwork destined for government agencies, one can find the always bustling office of Dale Drake.

As the general manager for the rafting company’s site in Idaho Springs, Colorado, Drake oversees all daily and longer-term functions and operations, making sure everything runs as swimmingly as possible. Continue reading

The “Disappearing”publishing business in China, an Interview of a publisher Liu Dongli


Publisher Liu Dongli at a business meeting. Photo provided by Dongli Liu

Nowadays, with the developing of technology, publications in print (paper copies) are gradually disappearing in the Chinese market. Instead, all the publications such as books, magazines have gone digital; people today has a different way of getting information that is through the internet. Dongli Liu, a editor, writer, publisher, documentary producer has something to say about the vanishing business of paper publications.

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Strategic Communications Coordinator lands unexpected job


Strategic Communications Coordinator Marisa Pooley [Photo provided by The Boettcher Foundation]

Marisa Pooley, 2014 University of Denver graduate and expert of all things communication, ended up working at the last place she ever thought she would—and the last place she ever thought she wanted to work.

“I had interned at The Boettcher Foundation twice during college, and it was a great experience, but I definitely didn’t think I wanted to work there,” Pooley said. Continue reading

FBI Special Agent John Grusing


Agent John Grusing. (Photo chosen and sent by John Grusing)

Jonathan Grusing, who began his career as a salesman with a Masters in business, had no interest in joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation, only until a meeting with a FBI agent altered his goals. Since that talk 20 years ago, Grusing has thrived as a FBI Special Agent.

On Wednesday, May 18, Grusing discussed the aspects of his career as an agent at the Colorado FBI headquarters located in Denver. Continue reading

Army veteran turned filmmaker

Anthony Ngo during a film premier stated, “Find people’s stories, read and listen, it is inspiring. Use that to fuel your passion.” [Photo chosen and sent by Anthony Ngo] 

Technological advances have allowed for film production to be shifted down to the individual, carving more space for creative storytelling. Filmmakers are no longer the nerdy kids in class fanboying over Star Wars scenes, but your everyday curious person holding an iPhone. Anthony Ngo, military veteran turned documentary filmmaker, gives insight on this expansive and forthcoming field, May 18, 2016.

Unlike many journalism outlets (such as legacy media) filmmaking, producing, and editing have been on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor projected job outlook for film related careers increased 11 percent from 2014-2024.

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Theresa Marchetta, anchor and investigative reporter for 7News


Theresa Marchetta. Photo by Invisible Disabilities Association.

Theresa Marchetta, a well-known investigative reporter and news anchor for Channel 7 News, has good advice for young journalists on how to excel in the field, and, more generally, in terms of the most important aspects of being a reporter.

Marchetta graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with her BA in mass communication and media studies. Marchetta is a news anchor on The Now at 4 p.m. through the Denver Channel; she has also been an anchor and investigative reporter for 7 News for the past 14 years, and is an adjunct professor at Johnson & Wales University.

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